My name is Rianne van de Ven (1971). I discovered that I am highly gifted at the age of 33. And with that discovery came the explanation for some of my lesser qualities, problems, and challenges I have experienced my whole life.

In today’s society a lot of assistance is available for gifted children and their parents. Professional support for adults who have discovered their high intelligence at a later age is not widely spread.

I started my own practice after having finished an education in professional coaching to offer my services in assisting gifted adults in their quest.
How do you deal with your high intelligence and sensitivity, what does it mean to you, and how can it help you? When does the side-effects bother you and how can you minimize those situations? What talents do you have and how can you excel ?

Examples of problems gifted adults can run into are:

  • Issues with authority
  • Maintaining (too) high standards
  • Having difficulties in dealing with criticism
  • Having troubles with knowing you’re right but not getting your point across
  • Low self esteem

Dealing with your giftedness is a challenge in which most people can use help. Being a professional coach and a gifted adult myself, I provide this service.

Why a page in English?

I found out that the kind of service I provide is not available is every country. With a webcam and software like Zoom, I can have good coaching sessions with people no matter where they live.

If you are interested in my services, please contact me!

Rianne van de Ven, Coaching & Training B.V.

phone: +31 655 303 001
mail: info@riannevdven.nl

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Book: Giftedness in practice. Strengthening personal leadership in gifted adults.

Many gifted adults were not recognized as being gifted as children simply because knowledge of giftedness did not exist or was unavailable. Many gifted people experience challenges in dealing with others and with themselves. How can they learn to acknowledge and develop their potential in a world that rarely understands them?

Giftedness is not always recognized or considered relevant in situations at work or in care. As a result, gifted people often fail to receive the support they need. How can professionals like career counselors, coaches, psychologists, therapists, labor experts, HR advisors, or supervisors help in this regard?

In this unique book, coach Rianne van de Ven, gifted herself, provides insights into and building blocks for successfully supporting gifted adults. What role does giftedness play? How can gifted adults change ingrained patterns and develop new essential skills? Valuable tools for professionals and gifted people themselves.

Find more information on https://giftednessinpractice.com